Top Landings

Pilot Avg Landing
Chandler Heath-110.41 ft/min
Pam Bennett-110.91 ft/min
Gregory Knuth-159.40 ft/min
Robert Zolliecoffer-164.38 ft/min
Devin Caliri-174.20 ft/min
William Temple-179.57 ft/min
David Kurth-229.10 ft/min
Chris Robison-243.91 ft/min
Jeremy Schwartz-245.15 ft/min
Daniel Boies-259.00 ft/min
Mark Toler-279.44 ft/min
Chris Schiessl-292.51 ft/min
Thomas Mauger-299.81 ft/min
Greg Goodavish -316.48 ft/min
Ronald Real-321.29 ft/min
Ian Place-331.94 ft/min
David Downey-335.02 ft/min
Alec Main-359.00 ft/min
James Bishop-359.41 ft/min
Robbie Suwary-471.63 ft/min
Ingo Nickmann-552.46 ft/min

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
Mark Toler3066
Robbie Suwary2618
Devin Caliri1837

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
Robbie Suwary10933.2
Devin Caliri6589.57
Mark Toler6262.29

July Stats

Most Flights Flown:
Devin Caliri6
Robbie Suwary1
Ingo Nickmann1

Most Hours Flown:
Devin Caliri35
David Kurth4
Robbie Suwary3

Most Miles Flown:
Devin Caliri15748
David Kurth1624
Robbie Suwary1334

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Virtual Northwest Airlines is dedicated to providing a unique environment for the advancement of the virtual aviation experience.

Through our mutual efforts, vNWA partners, pilots and staff continually work to ensure that all of our members feel as part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts who work together to simulate the operations of Northwest Airlines as closely as possible by utilizing the same fleet, routes, and hub structure of the airline before it merged.

In doing this, vNWA staff endevour to provide our pilots with all the tools needed to make their experience as enjoyable and realistic as possible.

James Bishop, vNWA CEO

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NASCAR Charters Event 19

Posted by Mark Toler on 06/30/2022


Event #19 of the 2022 NASCAR Season





This weeks NASCAR Charters Event 19 of the 2022 Season is up in Elkhart Wisconsin at Road America beginning this Thursday June 30th throughSunday July 3rd flying out of our Hubs at MSP, DTW, MEM, PANC, EHAM, RJAA and our NASCAR Hubs at CLT and JQF into Appleton Intl. (KATW)

The Charter Routes are numbered NWA7000 - NWA7037.  Pilots can fly any route we have in our system into KBNA as well and get credit for the flight.  


As always we will be awarding bonus hours to the top 3 pilots with the most flights and additonal bonus hours for the best landing rate below -100 fpm.

Lets have a Great turnout for this Weekends Event 19 of the 2022 NASCAR Charters Season up at Road America.

American Night Operations

Posted by Mark Toler on 06/30/2022


The Fourth of July is right around the corner, and VATUSA is celebrating this Open Mic Night with an 'American Night Operations'. We encourage all pilots to fly with an American Airlines call sign (AAL) the evening of July 1. VATUSA is partnering with two official VATSIM VAs: JoinAvA.org and AALva.org. Their group flights are listed below. The event will officially begin at 2300z (7pm ET). Let's make this Open Mic Night the most patriotic yet!

JoinAvA: Miami (MIA) to Philadelphia (PHL)
AALva: Dallas (DFW) to Boston (BOS)

4th of July Preparty

Posted by Mark Toler on 06/30/2022


ZDC's annual 4th of July Preparty event returns once again in 2022 as we prepare to celebrate our nation's independence! Come fly into Washington (DCA), Baltimore (BWI), or Dulles (IAD) on Saturday, July 2nd from 2300z-0300z to experience the finest ATC service our nation's capital has to offer. We hope to see you there! 

Among The Volcanoes

Posted by Mark Toler on 06/30/2022


Among The Volcanoes. This event features Seattle (KSEA), Portland (KPDX), Spokane (KGEG) and Medford (KMFR) and all airports will be staffed. You can fly IFR or VFR in whatever aircraft you choose. We will be letting you see these volcanoes on July 3rd at 2300z and hope they dont erupt so you can make it to the festivities on July 4th!

Hope to see you there

Tuesday Nights in New York

Posted by Mark Toler on 06/30/2022


Every Tuesday, the New York ARTCC will staff one of our four major airports bringing you guaranteed coverage! The expectation is nothing more than having some great ATC for a few hours on a weeknight where you can get in your favorite short-hop or start a long-haul before you head to bed!

This Week
Event Field: KLGA
Date & Time: Tuesday | 7pm - 9pm Eastern | 2300z - 0100z

TRACON Thursday - Daytona Beac

Posted by Mark Toler on 06/30/2022


Come join the Jacksonville ARTCC asv we staff up the Daytona Beach TRACON and surrounding airports this month in out monthly TRACON Thursday series! We will be staffing up Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Flagler and New Smyrna airports for your IFR or VFR pleasure! So come join us and fly into/ out of or around the beautiful Florida Coast and enjoy some amazing, fully staffed ATC!

Event Fields: KDAB, KEVB, KFIN, KOMN

Date & Time: Thursday July 7th / 200Z-0100Z (6pm- 9 PMET)

PANC Cargo Operations

Posted by Mark Toler on 02/21/2022






We are pleased that the Anchorage Hub is opened to staff Pilots for our Cargo Operations.  If you would like to transfer from your current hub please send an email to virtualnorthwest@gmail.com .  Be sure to tell you other Flight Sim VA pilot friends that enjoy flying Cargo to come join us at PANC.



NASCAR Charters Even...
Posted: 06/30/2022
American Night Opera...
Posted: 06/30/2022
4th of July Preparty...
Posted: 06/30/2022
Among The Volcanoes...
Posted: 06/30/2022
Tuesday Nights in Ne...
Posted: 06/30/2022

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