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William Temple-182.97 ft/min
Paul McCurry-195.43 ft/min
Jeremy Schwartz-233.56 ft/min
Chris Robison-233.59 ft/min
David Henderson-258.35 ft/min
David Kurth-271.96 ft/min
Daniel Boies-275.00 ft/min
Mark Toler-276.81 ft/min
Brian Akers-286.00 ft/min
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Thomas Mauger-299.81 ft/min
Ronald Real-321.02 ft/min
David Downey-335.02 ft/min
Jesus Sanchez-349.05 ft/min
James Bishop-359.41 ft/min
Robbie Suwary-505.26 ft/min
Ingo Nickmann-668.53 ft/min

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Mark Toler2998
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Devin Caliri1239

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Robbie Suwary9073.39
Mark Toler6117.28
Devin Caliri3547.38

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Most Flights Flown:
Robbie Suwary78
Mark Toler10
Chris Schiessl5

Most Hours Flown:
Robbie Suwary280
Chris Schiessl32
Mark Toler8

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Robbie Suwary120360
Chris Schiessl15261
Mark Toler3142

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Through our mutual efforts, vNWA partners, pilots and staff continually work to ensure that all of our members feel as part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts who work together to simulate the operations of Northwest Airlines as closely as possible by utilizing the same fleet, routes, and hub structure of the airline before it merged.

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NASCAR Charters Return

Posted by Mark Toler on 05/26/2020


Event #6 , 7, & 8 of the 2020 NASCAR Season




Finally NASCAR has decided to go back racing this coming weekend with a modified schedule between 2 racetracks over the next 2 weeks with 7 races.  vNWA will resume our NASCAR Charters to support NASCAR and the teams. The 2 racetracks for what we are calling Events 6 - 8 are in Darlington South Carolina and Charlotte North Carolina.  

We will run the charters straight through beginning this Thursday May 15th through Wednesday May 27th.  As usual our Charter routes will be flown out of our hubs at MSP, DTW, MEM, EHAM, PANC and our NASCAR Hubs at CLT and JQF in and out of Darlington County Airport (KUDG) and Charlotte Douglas Intl. (KCLT).  We have added charter routes in our system numbered NWA7000 - NWA7035.  Pilots can fly any route we have in our system to get credit as well.  Darlington County (KUDG) runway is only 5500 feet so we have Regional Jets and a Turbo Prop operating as well as our vintage DC-6, so polish up on your short runway landings. 

As always the top 3 pilots with the most routes flown will receive bonus hours and an extra bonus will be awarded to the best landing rate below -100fpm.  So lets blow the dust off these charter aircraft and support NASCAR and the Fans during the time in our world with the Pandemic and trying to slowly get back to some kind of normalcy.

Definitely Not An FNO

Posted by Chris Schiessl on 05/26/2020

Join the Houston ARTCC on 05/28 from 2300z-0400z as we staff up on a Thursday night. This is not an FNO. As the image above says. Actually, it would be bad if this were an FNO. So please, do not confuse this with an FNO. Because clearly, it is not. 

It actually takes place on a Thursday. Which is a day before Friday…and a day after Wednesday.


So, join Houston for our Thursday night event.

Featured TRACONS

Routes are available for booking on https://realops.kermout.us/events/?id=15 if you are unsure of where to fly to/from on a Thursday evening in Houston Airspace... Pilot's please note that routing information will be emailed to you after booking your slot. It is possible your routing will be filtered into your spam folder, in other words, make sure to keep an eye on your spam folder.

See you Thursday.

Open Mic Night

Posted by Chris Schiessl on 05/26/2020

Welcome back to the final edition of May's Open Mic Nights!  It's up to the ARTCCs to decide whether they show up, but not to worry, there's still a ton of choices to fly!

Survey: https://forms.gle/WrasDNTUJq2hhFTn9
It's short, I promise.  If you think you have the information you need, feel free to fill it out at any time.

Dallas Overload

Posted by Chris Schiessl on 05/26/2020

The D10 TRACON is nicknamed the metroplex, but how many planes can the D10 really handle? Let’s find out on May 30th, 2020 from 23:00Z-04:00Z for vZFW’s Dallas Overload. Fly into one of three fully staffed airports (KDFW, KDAL, KAFW) for 5 continuous hours of top-down ATC services. Pack a snack, and some extra fuel… there might be some holds!

Pilot briefing: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1KiUPiZY9HNUMMWcFMZ7GnA17XTRBE_y2/view?usp=sharing

Executive Flight Schedules

Posted by Mark Toler on 02/12/2020


For anyone that would like to fly along with vNWA Executives, there are now tentative published schedules of vNWA Executives individual scheduled flights.  These flights and times are tentative and subject to change.  Feel free to contact the Executive for specifics if needed by clicking on the link below (KSTP Hub Website) or visit the KSTP Hub Website from the Hubs Tab at the top of the Homepage of the Website, to see when your Executives may be flying and you can join them.

So check out the schedules and fly with us .

KSTP Hub Website

(click on above link)

(updated 5/26/20)

vNWA Executives

Mark Toler - NWA1964  (TBA) 

 Chris Schiessl - NWA1223 (5/26/20) 

Robbie Suwary - NWA1999 (TBA)

vNWA Hub Tour 2012-2019

Posted by James Bishop on 01/30/2020


 vNWA Hub Tour 2012-2020

 Get to know your fellow pilots, and their airspace. There is no specified time to complete this tour, have fun with it and see what you get upon completion.  Click the Operations tab at the top of the homepage and click on "Tours" to get started. 

Be sure to leave a comment indicating a leg of the Tour when filing your PIREP so we can credit you with each leg of the Tour.


PANC Cargo Operations

Posted by Mark Toler on 11/27/2019






We are pleased that the Anchorage Hub is opened to staff Pilots for our Cargo Operations.  If you would like to transfer from your current hub please send an email to virtualnorthwest@gmail.com .  Be sure to tell you other Flight Sim VA pilot friends that enjoy flying Cargo to come join us at PANC.



NASCAR Charters Retu...
Posted: 05/26/2020
Definitely Not An FN...
Posted: 05/26/2020
Open Mic Night...
Posted: 05/26/2020
Dallas Overload...
Posted: 05/26/2020
Executive Flight Sch...
Posted: 02/12/2020

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