Top Landings

Pilot Avg Landing
Jim Levain-95.40 ft/min
Chandler Heath-108.78 ft/min
Pam Bennett-110.91 ft/min
Bryan Borst-114.00 ft/min
Devin Caliri-157.86 ft/min
Gregory Knuth-159.40 ft/min
William Temple-182.97 ft/min
Paul McCurry-195.43 ft/min
Chris Robison-233.59 ft/min
Jeremy Schwartz-234.88 ft/min
David Henderson-258.35 ft/min
David Kurth-262.84 ft/min
Daniel Boies-275.00 ft/min
Mark Toler-276.79 ft/min
Brian Akers-286.00 ft/min
Ian Place-290.14 ft/min
Chris Schiessl-296.19 ft/min
Thomas Mauger-299.81 ft/min
Ronald Real-321.02 ft/min
David Downey-335.02 ft/min
Jesus Sanchez-349.05 ft/min
James Bishop-359.41 ft/min
Robbie Suwary-495.15 ft/min
Ingo Nickmann-643.85 ft/min

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
Mark Toler3010
Robbie Suwary2297
Devin Caliri1245

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
Robbie Suwary9759.1
Mark Toler6136.09
Devin Caliri3562.3

August Stats

Most Flights Flown:
Jim Levain5
Robbie Suwary5
Chandler Heath3

Most Hours Flown:
Jim Levain9
Robbie Suwary9
Ian Place8

Most Miles Flown:
Jim Levain3314
Robbie Suwary3496
Ian Place2981

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Through our mutual efforts, vNWA partners, pilots and staff continually work to ensure that all of our members feel as part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts who work together to simulate the operations of Northwest Airlines as closely as possible by utilizing the same fleet, routes, and hub structure of the airline before it merged.

In doing this, vNWA staff endevour to provide our pilots with all the tools needed to make their experience as enjoyable and realistic as possible.

James Bishop, vNWA CEO

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NASCAR Charters Event 21

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020


Event #21 Results of the 2020 NASCAR Season






Robbie Suwary NWA1999 was our only pilot that could participate in our NASCAR Charters Event 21 this week and did an outstanding job.  He flew 3 flights totaling 4.7 hours and a net profit of over 187 thousand.  He will receive 15 bonus hours for his participation. 


Lets get ready for this weeks event 22 down in Daytona on the Road Course beginning Thursday August  6th.


NASCAR Charters Event 22

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020

Event #22 of the 2020 NASCAR Season




This weeks Event 22 of the NASCAR Season we are back down in Daytona to a first time running the Road Course at Daytona Super Speedway.  Our routes will be out of our main hubs at MSP, DTW, MEM, EHAM, PANC and our NASCAR Hubs at CLT and JQF into Daytona Beach Intl. (KDAB).  The routes are numbered NWA7000 - NWA7035.  Pilots may fly any route into these airports and get credit as well.


Charters will begin Thursday August 13th and run through Sunday August 16th.  The top 3 pilots with the most routes flown will receive bonus hours and additional bonus hours will be awarded to the pilot with the best landing rate below -100 fpm.


Lets have a good turn out this weekend and get these race fans back down to Daytona for this weekends Event 22 of the 2020 NASCAR Season.


FNO at Cincinnati

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020



It’s summertime and the urge to travel weighs heavy on many. Whether you’re a local looking to explore faraway places or want to visit and experience all that this area has to offer, Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International will likely play into your travel plans. KCVG and the controllers of the Indianapolis ARTCC will play host to VATUSA’s Friday Night Ops on August 14th from 2300z until 0300z and we hope to see you there.

Crossfire (KMEM & KATL)

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020


It's going to get hot and heavy in the middle of the summer between Memphis and Atlanta. Get your flying suits on, it's time for a crossfire. It's going to get pretty hot and humid in the flight deck, so make sure your passengers are comfy with that air conditioning and get flying! These summer destinations will be open on August 15, 2020 from 2300-0300z (7pm-11pm ET).

Staff it up: KPNS

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020


Jacksonville ARTCC continues its “Staff It Up Sunday!” events.

This week we will be featuring Pensacola International Airport (KPNS) in Pensacola, Florida. Our primary focus is to staff up the PNS ATCT and radar facilities. From airliners to a Skyhawk in the pattern, all traffic is welcome. Enjoy your afternoon with us for a Sunday flight, in a professional ATC environment.

The event is from 2100z (1700 ET) to 2359z (1959 ET) on Sunday, August 16th. Come fly with us!

Colorado Birthday Bash

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020


August 1, 1876
President Ulysses S Grant signs a proclamation admitting Colorado as a state.
144 Years of Partying in the Mountains!

Come join ZDV as we celebrate Colorado’s 144th birthday month! Fly in or next to the beautiful Rockies as we feature KDEN, KCOS, KASE, and KEGE! Bring anything from a Cessna 152 to a Boeing 747. All 4 Airports will be staffed and ready to welcome you to our birthday bash!

Date: August 16th
Time: 2359Z 0400Z

ZLA presents: MSFS Shakedown

Posted by Mark Toler on 08/10/2020


The latest Microsoft Flight Simulator is finally here among us. Enjoy your first ride in the SoCal area with ATC coverage at LAX and San Diego plus satellites so that you can also explore the surroundings on VFR flights. ATC coverage will be from 2359 to 0400z (1700-2100p).


NASCAR Charters Even...
Posted: 08/10/2020
NASCAR Charters Even...
Posted: 08/10/2020
FNO at Cincinnati...
Posted: 08/10/2020
Crossfire (KMEM & KA...
Posted: 08/10/2020
Staff it up: KPNS...
Posted: 08/10/2020

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