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Pilot Avg Landing
Jim Levain-106.95 ft/min
Chandler Heath-109.99 ft/min
Pam Bennett-110.91 ft/min
Gregory Knuth-159.40 ft/min
Robert Zolliecoffer-160.13 ft/min
Devin Caliri-174.35 ft/min
William Temple-179.57 ft/min
David Kurth-234.23 ft/min
Chris Robison-245.67 ft/min
Jeremy Schwartz-246.18 ft/min
Daniel Boies-259.00 ft/min
Mark Toler-277.40 ft/min
Chris Schiessl-294.53 ft/min
Thomas Mauger-299.81 ft/min
Ronald Real-321.29 ft/min
David Downey-335.02 ft/min
Ian Place-340.41 ft/min
James Bishop-359.41 ft/min
Alec Main-412.00 ft/min
Robbie Suwary-476.75 ft/min
Ingo Nickmann-574.09 ft/min

Most Flights

Pilot Flights
Mark Toler3037
Robbie Suwary2558
Devin Caliri1694

Most Hours

Pilot Hours
Robbie Suwary10776.5
Mark Toler6184.53
Devin Caliri5656.42

October Stats

Most Flights Flown:
Devin Caliri16
Chandler Heath12
Chris Robison12

Most Hours Flown:
Devin Caliri126
Chris Robison74
Ian Place20

Most Miles Flown:
Devin Caliri57740
Chris Robison34794
Ian Place8655

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Through our mutual efforts, vNWA partners, pilots and staff continually work to ensure that all of our members feel as part of a family of like-minded enthusiasts who work together to simulate the operations of Northwest Airlines as closely as possible by utilizing the same fleet, routes, and hub structure of the airline before it merged.

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NASCAR Charters Event 33

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/14/2021

Event #33 of the 2021 NASCAR Season




This weeks NASCAR Charters Event 33 will be back out in Texas at the Texas Motor Speedway for 2 races.  Charters will begin Thursday Oct. 14th and run through Sunday Oct. 17th flying out of our Hubs at MSP, DTW, MEM, PANC, EHAM, RJAA and NASCAR Hubs at CLT and JQF into Fort Worth Alliance Airport (KAFW) .

The Charter Routes are numbered NWA7000 - NWA7037.  Pilots can fly any route we have in our system into KAFW and KDFW as well and get credit for the flight.  

As always we will be awarding bonus hours to the top 3 pilots with the most flights and additonal bonus hours for the best landing rate below -100 fpm.

Lets have a Great turnout for this Weekends NASCAR Charters Event 33 out in the Great State of Texas.

FNO DownUnder

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/14/2021


VATUSA in partnership with VATPAC, welcomes you to Friday Night Ops! Join us as we light up the skies between Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide! Kicking off on Friday 15th October at 2300z, leave your hangover behind and light up our Australian skies and get your flights planned!

VATPAC will have the skies covered between Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide! We encourage you to fly between these airfields in any order you wish. If you are more of the daring type, try flying into our Class D or Class G airfields.

More details available here: https://vatpac.org/forums/topic/19113-16oct21-fno-down-under-sydney-melbourne-adelaide/

Phenom 300

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/14/2021


Join us in beautiful Melbourne, FL as we celebrate 600 deliveries of the Embraer Phenom 300 business jet! Bring your personal Phenom or any aircraft out to KMLB as we fully staff the field from 1900-2200z (3p-6p ET). Our friendly staff will be ready to serve you complimentary coffee or sweet tea at any FBO or terminal!

Pacific Northwest Shenanigans

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/14/2021


Experience the sights and sounds of the Pacific Northwest as ZSE and ZVR staff up to host the PNW Shenanigans three-way crossfire between CYVR, KSEA, and KPDX.  The event will be held October 17th 2021 2300-0200z. 

ZAU's Minor TRACON Tuesday!

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/14/2021


Yes, ZAU has airports other than ORD and MDW!

Join us from 23-02Z on 19OCT and fly anywhere except O'Hare or Midway and experience the other 13 TRACONs/RAPCONs that ZAU has to offer!

"Fort Worth Smackdown"

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/14/2021


Come join Fort Worth as we are staffing up our TRACONs with our sixth stop being at East Texas Regional Airport and Tyler Pounds Regional Airport! We will be staffing every position possible within the Longview TRACON, including approach, tower, and ground.

See y'all at 2300 Zulu!

NASCAR Charters Event #32

Posted by Mark Toler on 10/07/2021

Event #32 of the 2021 NASCAR Season




Results to follow


NASCAR Charters Even...
Posted: 10/14/2021
FNO DownUnder...
Posted: 10/14/2021
Phenom 300 ...
Posted: 10/14/2021
Pacific Northwest Sh...
Posted: 10/14/2021
ZAU's Minor TRACON T...
Posted: 10/14/2021

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