NASCAR Charters Event 28

Event #28 of the 2020 NASCAR Season




This week we are back out in Las Vegas for Event 28 of the 2020 NASCAR Charters Season.  Our routes will be out of our main hubs of MSP, DTW, MEM, EHAM, PANC and our NASCAR Hubs at CLT and JQF into Mc Carran Intl. (KLAS)

Our routes are numbered NWA7000 - NWA7035 and pilots can fly any route we have in our system into KLAS.  


Charters will begin Thursday September 24th through Sunday September 27th.  

As always the top 3 pilots will recieve bonus hours and the pilot with the best landing rate below -100 fpm will receive extra bonus hours.

Lets have a great turn out for Event 28 this week out in Las Vegas with some big numbers.



Posted By: Mark Toler on 09/23/2020

Retro NY Fly-in

Bring your DC-10s, Boeing 767-200s, and your Connies to New York LaGuardia (LGA) as we host the second round of the Retro New York Fly-in!

Route information:

If you will be flying an aircraft into/out of N90 that meets any of the following navigational/equipment criteria, please file “RQST TMU APVL” in the “Remarks” section of your flight plan and expect TMU to process your flight plan before you depart (the alternative being controllers passing along your flight plan while you sit on the ground, waiting for TMU to find it1):

  • 1. AIRAC cycle prior to 1806 (June 2018)
  • 2. Non-RNAV capable (any suffix other than /C /G /I /L /S /V /Y /Z)
  • 3. Unable to find ANY of the N90 departure fixes in your FMC/FMS database
  • (N90 Preferred Departure Gate Diagram)
  • 4. Unable to fly ANY preferred or previously filed flight plan
  • (utilizing PRD and FlightAware IFR Route Analyzer)
  • 5. Plan on filing a known historical flight plan route which cannot be found in current flight plan databases.

By filing this note in your remarks, TMU can silently approve flight plan amendment requests and get you off the ground more quickly!

Parking information:

If you know your parking location, please include the following information in your “Remarks” section of your flight plan:

  • Terminal
  • Taxiway entrance to enter the ramp.

If you do not know your parking location, after landing, exit the runway immediately. During busy periods, it is more important to CLEAR THE RUNWAY than it is to receive taxi instructions.

Posted By: Chris Schiessl on 09/21/2020

Open Mic Night!

Open Mic Night! No featured fields, just those who want to staff up their ARTCCs and airports may do so. Sometimes, if you're lucky, you may see the entire US online!

Posted By: Chris Schiessl on 09/21/2020

South Sat Sunday: KMDW, KARR,

Fly into the south satellite airports of C90. Fly your Falcon into DPA, bring the 737 into MDW, or the Archer into ARR. All traffic is welcome! Featuring KMDW, KARR, KDPA, and KGYY. Pilot briefing to come!

Posted By: Chris Schiessl on 09/21/2020

Executive Flight Schedules


For anyone that would like to fly along with vNWA Executives, there are now tentative published schedules of vNWA Executives individual scheduled flights.  These flights and times are tentative and subject to change.  Feel free to contact the Executive for specifics if needed by clicking on the link below (KSTP Hub Website) or visit the KSTP Hub Website from the Hubs Tab at the top of the Homepage of the Website, to see when your Executives may be flying and you can join them.

So check out the schedules and fly with us .

KSTP Hub Website

(click on above link)

(updated 9/23/20)

vNWA Executives

Mark Toler - NWA1964  (9/23-24/20) 

 Chris Schiessl - NWA1223 (TBA) 

Robbie Suwary - NWA1999 (TBA)

Posted By: Mark Toler on 07/28/2020

vNWA Hub Tour 2012-2019


 vNWA Hub Tour 2012-2020

 Get to know your fellow pilots, and their airspace. There is no specified time to complete this tour, have fun with it and see what you get upon completion.  Click the Operations tab at the top of the homepage and click on "Tours" to get started. 

Be sure to leave a comment indicating a leg of the Tour when filing your PIREP so we can credit you with each leg of the Tour.


Posted By: James Bishop on 01/30/2020

PANC Cargo Operations






We are pleased that the Anchorage Hub is opened to staff Pilots for our Cargo Operations.  If you would like to transfer from your current hub please send an email to .  Be sure to tell you other Flight Sim VA pilot friends that enjoy flying Cargo to come join us at PANC.


Posted By: Mark Toler on 11/27/2019

Buffalo Hunt Tour



Join in as NWA pilots visit the Northwest Territory  to hunt the elusive green Buffalo in its natural habitat. WWII Piston powered aircraft only, these aircraft will help you camouflage yourself and be inconspicuous while on the Buffalo's home turf.

Be sure to see all the routing details and sign up for this tour and others in our "Tours" section by clicking on the link below.

vNWA Tours


Posted By: Mark Toler on 11/27/2019



The "Maple Leaf Tour" is a Tour of Canada designed by a Canadian Native and vNWA Event Manager, NWA1999 Robbie Suwary. This tour will consist of 14 Legs to airports that you may be familiar with and of course some that you have never heard of or flown to.

This tour is now "Active" and Pilots can sign up on the "TOURS" page under the "Operations" Tab on the Homepage of the website.
Be sure to check the Forums under "vNWA Tours" for all Tour information and to make post of your flown legs of the Tour.
Good Luck and Enjoy The "MAPLE LEAF" Tour

Posted By: Mark Toler on 11/20/2017

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