Boeing 757-200F

Aircraft Specifications:

  • ICAO Designation: 757-200F
  • Passenger Capacity: 0 passengers
  • Cargo Capacity: 87700 lbs
  • Range: 3150 nm
  • Cruising Speed: 528 knots


The Boeing 757-200 Freighter is medium to long range narrow bodied aircraft that was introduced in 1987. the freighter can carry up to 15 containers or pallets on its main deck, for a volume of up to 6,600 cubic feet (187 m3), while its two lower holds can carry up to 1,830 cubic feet (51.8 m3) of bulk cargo. The maximum revenue payload capability is 87,700 pounds (39,800 kg) including container weight. The 757-200PF is specified with a MTOW of 255,000 pounds (116,000 kg) for maximal range performance; when fully loaded, the aircraft can fly up to 3,150 nautical miles (5,830 km). It is powered by 2 P&W 2037 engines that produce 39,000 .lbs of thrust per engine. A large, upward-opening main deck cargo door is installed in the forward port-side fuselage of the 757-200PF. Pilots board the aircraft through a single entry door installed immediately behind the flight deck on the left side of the aircraft. The main deck cargo hold has a smooth fiberglass lining, and a fixed rigid barrier with a sliding access door serves as a restraint wall next to the flight deck. Both lower holds can be equipped with a telescoping baggage system to load custom-fitted cargo modules. Virtual Northwest has its fleet 757-200F based out of KMEM and PANC.


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