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Updated 07/15/2019 By Mark Toler




KSTP - St. Paul Downtown Holiman Field


Corporate Headquaters of Virtual Northwest Airlines





Virtual Northwest Airlines Staff based at KSTP


Contact info for Executive Staff is:


Executive Staff


Mark Toler - President/Chief Executive Financial Officer (co-founder)



Chris Schiessl - Senior Vice President / Chief Operations Officer



Robbie Suwary - Vice President/Chief Human Resource Officer 


 Senior Staff 



Chris Robison - Instructor Pilot (NWA3873)


Marcus Becker - Pilot Mentor (NWA1523)


 Consultant Staff 


James Bishop - Founder / Consultant (retired)


David Downey - Co-Founder / Consultant (Retired)







Your vNWA Executives attended the FSExpo 2019 conference and had a great time and experience with all the new technologies both in hardware and software in the Flight Simming Community.  We were able to meet with and attend meetings with designers and developers in all facets of software, hardware, and sceneries as well as homebuilt cockpits.  We also were able to fly and try out new yokes and throttle systems as well as new sceneries installed for us to experience.  We also meet with the VatSim team and were the first to try out their new upgrade to the voice client upgrade that is about to be relaesed with voice capabilities on unicom 122.80.   

We were able to meet up with some folks to help us in the right direction to finish our  upgrade back to the ".com" server that Robbie Suwary and his staff have been working so diligently on to get us back up and running with a full functioning website and improved and or new ACARS system.  Stay tuned for updates on that in the very near future.  Overall it was a great conference and chance for the current Executive Staff to all meet in person for the first time. 

 L-R NWA1223 Chris Schiessl, NWA1964 Mark Toler, NWA1999 Robbie Suwary discussing the upcoming move back to the ".com" site.  


vNWA Executive Dinner near Universal at Orlando

(L-R) NWA1223, NWA1964, NWA1999  


vNWA Executives at work FSEXpo 2019













To all vNWA Staff and Pilots,  It is with great sadness that I must inform you that our Vice President / Chief Technologies Officer Hans Moeller  passed away on April 6, 2018.  Hans joined us several years ago and was a tremendous assett to our VA.  He was instrumental in our change over last year to our new servers and created our current website and servers as well as a new one yet to come.  We would like to extend our deepest sympathy to his wife Pam Bennett our Manager of Human Resources and to his family.  He has touched all of us on the staff and will be deeply missed.  

Robbie Suwary has provided for us a link to a "Go Fund Me" account that has been set up to help with funeral expenses.  Your participation is greatly appreciated.









 For anyone that would like to fly along with vNWA Executives, below is a tentative published schedule of vNWA Executives flight schedules.  These flights and times are tentative and subject to change.  Feel free to contact the Executive for specifics if needed (emails above)


UPDATED: 5/21/19





  NWA1964 President/CEFO Schedule (tentative)  








NWA1223 SVP/COO Schedule (tentative)
TBA   TBA      
TBA   TBA      

















Pilot Roster

Pilot ID Name Rank Domicile Hours Flights Last Flight
NWA1223 Chris Schiessl Senior Vice President / COO United States 2778 898 07/15/2019
NWA1847 James Bishop Founder/Consultant United States 832 228 07/16/2018
NWA1899 Pam Bennett Fleet Captain United States 597 77 03/22/2018
NWA1964 Mark Toler President / CEFO United States 5937 2902 05/18/2019
NWA1983 Thomas Mauger Mentor Pilot United States 687 223 05/12/2018
NWA1999 Robbie Suwary VP/Chief Human Resource Officer Canada 7864 1877 07/13/2019
NWA3870 Chris Robison Instructor Pilot United States 226 98 04/15/2019

Total Hub Hours: 18922.89
Total Hub Flights: 6303

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